Glass Block Bathroom &
Basement Installation


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Glass block bathroom and basement windows

We have more than two decades of experience installing glass block bathroom and basement windows in the Twin Cities area. Our workmanship is warrantied for five years.

Glass block basement window installation
When we install a glass block window to replace a basement window, we normally remove the entire metal or wood frame, which leaves nothing that can deteriorate over time. It’s great for bathrooms with windows in the shower area.

Your replacement basement window will improve privacy and security. It will also lower heating and air-conditioning costs because it is much thicker than a standard window. And its thickness reduces sound from the outside in and the inside out.

Glass block bathroom windows
Glass block is one of the most effective bathroom window glass options because it allows in more light while maintaining your privacy.

Replacing your existing bathroom glass window with glass block helps retain heat and coolness. It is also more decorative and easier to clean.  Glass block basement and bathroom windows provide more security as well because they are extremely hard to penetrate. 

Glass block windows can be made with:

  • Clear Silicone joints
  • White cement joints
  • Fresh air vents (mandatory in most cities)
  • Dryer vents
  • Exhaust vents

Styles of glass block include:

  • Wave – which provides maximum light with subtle distortion
  • Ice – which provides maximum light with maximum privacy
  • Diamond – which provides moderate light with maximum privacy


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